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Sales training is a critical process to ensure sales representatives are using best practices to represent your company’s products. Successful sales training improves customer service, builds mindshare, increases sales performance, and ultimately leads to more revenue. Our sales training programs are customized to work effectively with your company's products and services.


Our sales training services at ResearchFirst focuses on client relationship management, building product value by discovering the customers’ needs, providing constructive feedback to improve sales performance, and improving the client/customer relationship.

AT&T Partnership

RFI has served AT&T for over 30 years in a variety of roles. The most recent program has been the sales support provided to the DIRECTV group. RFI creates and conducts sales, product, and process training and coaching for core AT&T direct sales channels and partner channels that include ACN, altafiber, Consolidated Communications, Frontier Communications, Hawaiian Telcom, MitoTec, HughesNet, Kinetic by Windstream, Viasat, and WOW!. RFI conducts both in-person and virtual training, adapting successfully to a pandemic environment and then readily pivoting as clients adopt hybrid models in the new normal. In addition, we support the MDU team with right of entry [ROE] contracts review and training.



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