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Calling upon our extensive experience in all aspects of sales and customer service operations, we saved each of our last two clients in excess of $30 million by increasing operational effectiveness. ResearchFirst has improved our clients’ customer service and enhanced their sales effectiveness by analyzing the critical business components – policies, processes, performance, metrics, and structure – to isolate gaps, duplication, contradictions, and complexities that create unnecessary cost, impair customer service, and impede sales. We identify solutions that ensure strategic alignment and improve the bottom line.


Key Capabilities and Experience

Sales Success

  • Evaluate compensation plan to ensure alignment with sales strategy

  • Examine sales tools to identify effectiveness and usability

  • Identify barriers to sales excellence

Customer Experience

  • Evaluate handoffs and interfaces to isolate service delays and defects

  • Examine technology utilization to improve customer experience

Pricing is on a per-project basis. Please contact us for a complete proposal at

Downloadable Consulting Capabilities (pdf)

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