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Ad hoc Associations

In addition to having created and managed several industry associations, ResearchFirst has established several ad hoc groups for specific purposes at the request of one or more clients. The purpose of these committees is to accomplish specific tasks and provide information that is not easily provided elsewhere.


RFI hosted Sales VPs and SVPs from 8 of the largest Telco ISPs in Canada and the US for a period of 4 years to share best practices and benchmarking. We also created an executive level product management group of Telco service providers and vendors to identify customer desired features, many of which could be standardized for cost reduction and operational efficiencies. Some of our committees include Broadband Benchmarking, Internet of Things (IoT), Consumer Behavior, and The Telemessaging Industry Association (TMIA).

RFI welcomes the opportunity to leverage its many contacts for the mutual benefit of those concerned. If you have a need for specific research or project and would like our ad hoc services, please contact us at 205-995-8866 or at

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